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In-home services are defined as long-term or short-term direct care and support services that are necessary in order to enable an individual to remain at home rather than enter a Nursing Facility. At Harris Community Care we provide the following:

The Aide will assist or supervise the client with bathing.

The Aide will assist or supervise with grooming needs.

Meals Prep
The Aide will prepare meals that are suitable for the clients diet.

The Aide can assist or supervise the client with getting in and out of clothes.

The Aide can take the client to necessary places such as the following: grocery shopping, to the pharmacy, medical appointments etc.

Light Housekeeping
The Aide will complete light housekeeping in the clients home (cleaning dishes, dusting, making the clients bed, etc).

The Aide will be there to give the client conversation and will allow the client to have someone to talk to and avoid loneliness.

Harris Community Care, Inc is the support you need when you, a friend or family member has been discharged from a hospital or is home bound in need of care, regardless of the age of a client. We are also an independent provider for the WV Department of Human Services as a resource of assisting persons in remaining in their homes. Harris Community Care can professionally meet the needs of those temporarily disabled or just recuperating, as well as the elderly, terminally ill, or chronically ill, and handicapped.

When it comes to the security of the ones you care about, you want to be assured someone can always be there. With Harris Community Care, you will feel comfortable knowing we have 24 hour care, seven days a week. Our office staff is always reachable and you can count on our aides to be certified and trained in the latest skills in health care. While our aides are not able to give medication to clients, we are able to assist in the process, as well as provide other services such as: Registered Nurse consultation visits, care for bedridden clients, etc. Harris Community Care offers a wide range of flexibility in the frequency and type of home care visits. Although the agency is designed to provide intermittent care in the home environment, each visit is specifically planned to meet the needs of the individual client.

Other Personal Care Needs
The Aide can assist or supervise any other personal care needs the client may have.

Other Services provide are:
RN assessment
Personalized care plans
Regular monitoring of client services by RN and office staff
Personal hygiene, including toileting and incontinence care
Assist with walking
Assist with transferring to a bed or chair
Monitoring vital signs upon a request by physician
Medication reminders
Reading and writing for clients
Assisting bedridden clients
Sitting with love ones in the hospital and/or nursing homes

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